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A charming historic legacy...
The first hotel to serve the spa was built in 1698, it was extended in the 1770's  and part of it was bought by Job Hodgkinson in the 1830's and to this day bears his name.  The large oval sign hanging from the front of the hotel and much of the interior remaining on the ground floor is also from this time.  He also developed a substantial business as a purveyor of wine and spirits, in fact the most northern part of the hotel is his old brewery, using the caves behind the hotel as his cellar.  He supplied and delivered to many of the local villages as his ledgers dating from the 1840's show.

...lives on today.
Today the Hodgkinson's Hotel & Restaurant lives up to its historic legacy. With warmth and hospitality, Dianne Carrieri offers an inspired hotel with authentic detail and classic charm. Modern European dishes served nightly in our cosy dining room.

Award winning
The Hodgkinson's regularly wins awards for outstanding service, charm and character. Try us and discover what makes ours the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy the finer things in life.

Hodgkinson's Hotel & Restaurant
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Hodgkinson Hotel and Restaurant